"An essential component of procurement, safety management and quality assurance processes"

RRVC is a technical analysis and compliance company specialising in track maintenance vehicles and associated plant. Certified ICPs for Australia’s major RIMs, we provide the optimal combination of technical capability and proven experience.


Verified ICP for

Also performing works in association with

General inspection of track maintenance
vehicles and associated plant

  • Compilation of relevant specifications
  • Establishment of compliance shortfalls (gap analysis)
  • Mechanical analysis of general arrangement
  • Inspection of structural / mechanical condition
  • Measurement of infrastructure clearances, ancillary equipment operational limits and Rolling Stock outline means of interference
  • On-site incident investigation

RIM certification and registration

  • Registration application completion
  • Application submission and subsequent management

Provision of supporting documentation

  • All information collected and produced available to plant owners upon request
    • Inspection results
    • Testing results
    • Supporting diagrams
    • Photographic evidence
    • Associated reports
  • RIM specific application / registration progress

Physical testing capabilities

  • Service, park, emergency type braking systems
  • Suspension design and operation (twist)
  • Ride performance analysis (triaxial monitoring)
  • Driver safety systems
  • Component electrical conductivity

Technical reporting

  • Conformance analysis to relevant RIM standards
  • Conformance analysis to relevant Australian Standards
  • Modifications to track maintenance vehicles and associated plant
  • Import compliance to local requirements
  • Working load limit ratings for safety critical components
  • Incident analysis reports


RRVC forms an integral part of the Procurement, Continual Improvement and Quality Management Systems of RIMs and 3rd party suppliers.

Our trusted service provision includes certification, inspections, testing, gap analysis, mechanical engineering, import verification and incident analysis. We hold Chartered Professional Engineering associations
in Australia and New Zealand.


RRVC is an independent subsidiary of Australia’s largest Rail Infrastructure Managers (RIMs), providing tailored inspection, testing, compliance and analysis services to 3rd party track maintenance vehicle and associated plant suppliers. The provision of these services in an independent and transparent nature compliments our ability to provide auditing services directly to RIMs and Safety Management Authorities.

The conception of RRVC is the result of an evolving rail maintenance industry with a focus on safety management. Guided by stringent internal and external standards, the procurement process used by RIMs has become increasingly technical and all encompassing. This is especially prevalent with regards to track maintenance vehicles and associated plant and their registration and network operation.

With an intimate knowledge of relevant Engineering and Rail Standards, we are dedicated to assisting parties to achieve desired Rail Network compliance. We are results driven and will support the compliance process from beginning through to final registration. A heavy emphasis is placed on building close professional relationships with all those involved in the certification process.


RRVC’s head office is located in Central Victoria.

We are a mobile service, conducting all inspections on-site.

Call or email to discuss your upcoming works.

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